Regular Condo Cleaning Increases Your Condo’s Value

Clean CondoOne of our earliest repeat clients were the local Liberty Village condo sales experts Michael Camber and Heikki Walden of the Camber Walden Group. If you haven’t already checked out their incredibly popular websites dedicates to Liberty Village¬†and Liberty Village Condos, you absolutely must.

Heikki and Michael are always striving to maximize their clients’ condo values and present them in the best possible light. One of the ways that they do this is through meticulous staging and a thorough cleaning. That’s how we met them. They were looking for a local condo cleaning company that new exactly what their needs were.

We asked Heikki and Michael what the most important things a condo owner or their agent could do to maximize value ahead of a sale. They named 3 things one could do:

  1. Paint. A fresh coat of neutral-coloured paint does wonders to revitalize a tired looking condo. Get rid of those dark or bright paint colours that only you will like. Keep it neutral. The return on your investment is significant.
  2. Staging. Heikki and Michael are firm believers in the benefits of staging and offer it free as part of their service. When a condo is decluttered and strategically staged it looks bigger and shows better, often resulting in a better final selling price.
  3. Deep Cleaning. Once a condo is painted and staged, undertake a thorough cleaning. Nobody does a better job than a professional cleaner and LVClean is your local professional. Not only will we do usual chores such as mopping or dusting, but we will also focus on rarely-cleaned areas such as baseboards, grout and heating vents.  There is a huge difference to the way people react to your condo, loft or townhouse when it is thoroughly cleaned. And please, keep it that way.

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